Career Counselling Courses In India

Certificate in Career Counselling
Course Duration = 6 Months

Diploma in Career Counselling
Course Duration = 12 Months
Course Features
First to offer online career counseling courses in India.
A top career counselor and psychotherapist is the course director.
Support forum that offers support to students when needed.
Regular interaction with the course director on the forum.
A course forum provided to maximize learning.
Personal messaging system for direct communication with us.
24x7 Access to eBooks and notes online.
Access to over 10 eBooks during the course.
Over 800 short notes on counseling and psychology provided.
Mock counseling sessions held during the course.
Excellent counseling practice through mock sessions.

Course Eligibility
Bachelor's Degree holder.
Must be fluent in English.

Documents Required For Admission
Photocopy of Bachelor's Degree.
One recent photo.

Certificate Syllabus
Counseling skills
Guidance and counseling theory
Educational psychology
Career counseling process,
Effective listening,
MBTI and the 16 personality types
Holland's 6 personality types test
Right-Left brain test
Report preparation
SWOT analysis
Problem solving
Decision making

Diploma Syllabus
Counseling skills
Guidance and counseling theory
Educational psychology
School psychology
Career counseling process,
Personality profiling,
Effective listening,
IQ testing
Common career quizzes
MBTI and the 16 personality types
Holland's 6 personality types test
Right-Left brain test
SWOT analysis
Psychometric testing
Conducting counseling sessions
Report preparation
Summarizing and giving feedback
Problem solving
Decision making
Starting a career counseling center

Course Details
Savio DSilva Classes is proud to offer a career counseling course via digital content in the form of eBooks and short notes. In-depth training in career counseling through intensive notes in counseling skills, vocational guidance and general counseling techniques along with over 6 mock counseling and testing sessions online for each student are an important part of this career counseling course.

The demand for trained and educated career counselors in India led to the development of this online career counseling course. This wonderful online course is supervised and imparted under the direct guidance of Savio DSilva. You are trained well to become a career counselor who can offer career counseling services to anyone above 14 years of age.

Career Scope
Salaries for qualified career counselors have increased with the rising demand for trained career counselors in India. Graduates can expect to be paid a minimum starting salary of Rs.8,000 per month. Most schools and institutes typically pay between Rs.8,000 to Rs.25,000 for qualified and experienced career counselors.

Students can start their own career counseling center almost anywhere in India on course completion. Complete training is provided to enable graduates to conduct career counseling sessions with ease. Graduates can offer career counseling to young students looking to study in India or abroad, and can also guide adults or corporate executives to analyze their careers better or give them able guidance if they are looking for a career change.

Graduates can apply for jobs as career counselors, school counselors or center managers almost anywhere in India. Being a qualified and well trained career counselor is something that is still rare in our country and you are almost certain to find lucrative employment on course completion.

Be A Fully Trained Counsellor
The Certificate and Diploma in Career Counselling covers most areas of career counseling through course notes, regular assignments, mock career counseling cum testing sessions and more. Get proper and complete training to help you become a professional career counselor while having the sound ability of offering traditional vocational guidance services to students and adults alike. School teachers and counselors can join this course to learn how to counsel students effectively.

Savio DSilva Classes has been providing high quality education on the internet from the year 2007. Graduates of the career counseling course can offer career counseling services in major cities in India such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Indore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Mangalore, Kanpur, Nagpur and more.

Top career counselors in India can earn thousands of rupees each month offering career counseling services for just few hours a day, few days a week. Career Counseling is fast becoming one of the most popular and respectable professions in India with dozens of students opting for online courses in Career Counseling.

Career Counselors can charge students and clients anything between Rs.1500 to Rs.5500 for a career counseling session with them. Graduates of this online course in Career Counseling will pave the way to a lucrative career as a qualified career counselor. Most graduates typically recover the course fees paid within a month or two. Such is the increasing demand for trained career counselors in India.

Become A Career Counsellor
Young students and adults seek professional help from qualified and experienced counselors to enable them to make good career choices and right vocational choices. There are millions of young students who are searching for career counselors to guide them. However, there are few qualified, trained and career counselors in India today. There is a great need for educated career counselors now. There are thousands of schools, colleges, companies, etc. looking out for good career counselors each year. Savio DSilva Classes' courses in career counselling are in-depth training courses that fully qualify students to become educated and seasoned career counselors.

Diploma Awarded by Savio DSilva Classes
Students are awarded the Certificate or Diploma in Career Counselling on successful course completion. The certificate is sent by courier to every student a month after the completion of the course. The certificate or diploma in Career Counselling gives graduates an added edge over teachers, psychologists and other graduates with no formal training in career counseling. The certificate allows you to conduct career testing and career counseling sessions almost anywhere in India.

Common Questions
Is this course affiliated to any university in India or abroad?
- This online course is offered by Savio DSilva Classes and is not affiliated to any university, school or college. It is an intensive course that fully qualifies you to work as a career counselor or start your own career counseling practice in India.

What is the definition of an Online Course?
- A course offered through the internet by allowing access to course material through a website, forum or email is called an Online Course.

When does the course start and end?
- Courses starts as soon as your admission formalities have been completed and ends when the course duration comes to a close.

Where is your institute located?
- Savio DSilva Classes is located in Mumbai, India. We do not offer any offline training courses.

Are there any contact programs with the Director?
- Students can contact our course director anytime on the provided forum or by email for help or other queries related to the online course. We take in limited number of students to ensure that top notch education is provided at all times.

Is there any practical training in career counseling given?
- Students take part in weekly assignments and mock career counseling sessions every month. The amount of practical training you receive will be more than any other course online.

What about course material?
- We allow exclusive access to over 10 Ebooks to students during their course tenure. Learning through forum discussions and short notes is also a permanent aspect of our course.

How can I contact Savio DSilva Classes?
- Get in touch with us via WhatsApp on or contact us online.

Course Fees
Certificate In Career Counselling = Rs.14900.
Diploma In Career Counselling = Rs.19900.

Kindly Note
- Fees are payable in full at the time of admission.

- Fees include training fees, exam fees, certificate fees, and other course related charges.

Admission Procedure
1. Once your admission form is submitted, you will receive a reply on your email within 3 days.

2. If selected, you must submit a scanned copy of your graduation degree and a recent passport photo on our email.

3. Once documents are received, you may then be asked to appear for an online interview with us on WhatsApp.

4. If selected, you are then granted 'provisional' admission to the course.

5. You may pay the course fees by net banking, debit or credit card within 5 days.

6. Once fees are received, you are issued a Student ID, fee receipt and granted full access to the course forum.

Please fill up the admission form provided below if you are interested in joining our career counselling courses.

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